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Ruairidh's Tequila comp report from Mexico

I recently made it through the heats and booked a place to the final of the Centinela Tequila Competition.  The amazing thing is that the final was in Mexico!!!!  Below is a little taste of what I got up to. 

As you can imagine this was a pretty tough trip! There was a collection of 8 of us, bartenders, industry journos and the guys from Amathus Spirits, plus more tequila then (probably) necessary.

We started of with a trip to the distillery. After driving though vast lands of agave we arrived in the fields to try our hand as a Jimador (the guys who hand cut the Agave plant), after our demonstration from the locals which made it look easy we each had a go much to the entertainment of the local Jimadors.

This was followed by a distillery tour, taking us all through the stages of production. With a few brief stops to try some of the freshly distilled tequila at different abvs before resting. Some of these were incredible.

Then finally had the competition, With strong performances from competitors Valentino and Emma I knew the comp was gonna be tough. The format was speed, knowledge and mystery box rounds, Everyone did really well but ultimately it was Emma who was crowned champ after an Amazing drink.

The days that followed were our time to relax, and mostly involved the beach, tequila, pool bars, whales and amazing foods, and more tequila! Thanks to all the guys who came on the trip and made it such a good experience!

Who says the life of a bartender is all late nights and weekends!!!